The Connected Partner Program is a paid program for external SDK/API integration only. It is a self-certfied program for experienced developers.

*Please note this is NOT a reseller program. For all product resellers, distributors, installers or service providers; contact your local Johnson Controls area sales representative for distributor/reseller queries. Please see our Security Products websites for sales contact information and integrator/reseller login.*

The Connected Partner Program from Johnson Controls Security Products

Johnson Controls Security Products has made it easy for all partners to go through a simple self-certification process. Our partners can select the speed at which they want to design and develop the integration. Partners can then validate the integration, ensuring feature support and optimizing performance with JCI’s facilitation and support every step of the way.

Step 1: Submit an Application

Apply via Request to Become a Partner on the Partner Portal site – The Connected Partner Program team will follow up with you via email and/or conference call 

Step 2: Access to the Portal Granted 

Once application is accepted, the Connected Partner Program team will grant you access to accept an online EULA, you will be notified by email to logon to the portal

Step 3: Review Documentation and Accept EULA

Partner accepts the EULA and should review documentation (user guides, release notes, etc.) found under Connected Packages section. Ensure the web services API / SDK is right for your integration

Step 4: Payment Processing

Payment, where required, will be organised between Partner/Integrator and the Connected Partner Program

Step 5: Development

License Development System: If required, fill out and submit the license form and SRS form found under "My Progress and Documents" via Support Case

Provide System Info of development machine(s) that need licenses (found in the license manager for CCURE integrations)

Development and testing using SDK/Webservice API along with engineering support via Support Cases

Step 6: Launch

Submit Completion Forms found under "My Progress and Documents" via Support Case

For marketed integrations - Launch integration and publish on compatibility matrix

For custom integrations - Launch integration for your own/specific customer system use 

Your integration is now available for ordering.



Click: Video Overview of the Portal!

The portal contains for integration:

  • Brand software
  • Software development kits
  • Webservice development kits
  • API's 
  • Product literature 
  • Online training
  • Demo hardware and software
  • Support and virtually anything else you need to complete an integration

If you are an existing user, you can simply log in utilizing your current user and ID and password.

For new users, please click on the Request to Become a Partner tab and fill in the required information.  As soon as the information is verified, we will send your login information.

We thank you for your support of Johnson Controls Security Products, and look forward to helping you take full advantage of all the new features our portal offers.


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